Specialties Turning Point’s mission is to empower and transform the mind, body, and spirit of individuals, families, and friends living with serious or chronic physical illness. We provide innovative education and support programs that inspire people to take charge of their illness and live life to its fullest. Turning Point is unique in many ways: * Turning Point is a gathering place that serves the entire family affected by illness – children, adults, family members and friends – and reaches out to partner with the community. * Turning Point provides support programs for children whose parent is living with serious or chronic illness. * Turning Point offers more than support groups. Specific skill are taught and/or education is provided. * Turning Point programs run continuously, throughout the year, a bimonthly calendar lists all current offerings. * Turning Point programs are led by experienced and respected health professionals that adapt each class to fit the needs of participants. History Established in 2001 Turning Point is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that was established in March 2001 by Moira Mulhern, Ph.D. and Liz Paugoulatos, partnered with an outstanding founding Board of Directors and dedicated Medical Advisory Board. Our name was inspired by the book Cancer as a Turning Point by Lawrence LeShan (1989). Says Dr. Mulhern, “Any illness can be a turning point for an individual and their family and we hope to be there to help them with the many transitions they will experience through the illness process.”

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