Specialties We haul away all the things you no longer want or need. You select a 2 hour window for the job. We call to confirm. Our people show up, measure the junk you would like us to remove and complete a worksheet showing the calculations we used to arrive at our estimate. That is yours to keep whether you decide to use us or not. If you’re happy with the estimate, we can almost always complete the job right then. If it turns out our estimate was high, we reduce your price. If our estimate was low, we honor whatever we quoted you. …and we clean up the area before we leave; it makes our mothers very proud! History Established in 2001 We spent the last 10 years in commercial property management, so we know first hand that there are very few companies dedicated to clearing commercial properties quickly, reasonably and predictably. We also serve residential customers who need us to clear a basement, attic, backyard or garage. We have the largest trucks in the industry and offer the lowest price and we can prove it! Meet the Manager:
Mike S. Former Information Technology guy who decided to go a whole new direction.

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