Specialties Social Marketing Strategy/ Recommendations and Training, Online Business Development, WordPress Websites/ Blogs, Online Community Outreach and Monitoring, Press Release Distribution – over 50 media outlets, Reputation Management, Social Analytics and Measurement, Video/ YouTube Marketing History Established in 2009 ThinkViral is a full service Interactive Digital Marketing firm. We show you how customers should be coming to you instead of you hunting them down, and we help you set up a framework to consistently bring in new business. We do that by building viral interactive websites with current blog postings and newsletter content, and creating social business playgrounds for your company to do business in. We have found that you must be present to be part of the game. It’s when you’re not present that your competitors are the game winners. Here’s what Digital Marketing boils down to: – Delivering value in the right places, at the right time, to the right people – Delivering messages that matter, are impactful, and that are shared with others – Being available to your customer by engaging often and listening always Your bottom line….You need more business. Our bottom line….We know how to get the business. Meet the Business Owner:
Anne C. Anne Cull is not only a Social Business Development trainer but the person who can show you exactly how to build a network of referrals so you never have to make cold calls again. A recent transplant from Los Angeles, Cull brings more than 12 years of sales and marketing experience, both on and off line. She works with company owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople to develop and implement strategic business development initiatives that expand awareness and recognition of their companies in order to generate high quality leads and referrals. Passionate about helping others succeed, Cull has led seminars both on and off line for specific industries, including finance and insurance, technology sales, attorneys and high end professionals who need to market themselves, and small businesses that don’t have a marketing team. She also does private training for individual company owners and salespeople.

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