Specialties We’ve taken fitness to a whole new level with the POWER HOUR. These explosive total body fitness classes can help you lose weight and burn fat. Depending on your intensity, you can burn up to 1,000 calories in just one POWER HOUR. How hard you workout is completely up to you. All fitness levels are welcome, from beginners to pros, in three fun workout styles. History Established in 2011 Title Boxing Club first started in 2008. Meet the Business Owner:
Melvin W. For Melvin Wesley, you can say boxing is a family sport. He began back in 1990 when his older brother made him enter the ring–as his sparring partner. It was either learn to box or get beat up. And learn he did. This Kansas City native has never lost a fight in his hometown. In fact, Melvin won the Kansas City Golden Gloves eight years in a row, he won Nationals in 1996 and the Boxing Classic in 1998. He credits his success not only to natural talent, but to putting his all into everything he does. The same work ethic goes toward his training. Melvin’s training style is as motivating as it is technical. He spends the time to take his class members step-by-step through the fundamentals of boxing technique. As he roams the room during a workout, he’ll stop someone using the wrong form to correct it right away. A style of training he always wanted but never received from anyone else. You can put his 10 years of training experience to work for you at a Title Boxing Club

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