Specialties We are a full service veterinary clinic offering a wide range of services from boarding and preventative care to laser surgery and geriatric care. Super Gentle Quality care for your pets. We offer all aspects of a veterinary clinic. We perform most surgical procedures with a surgical laser, and we also offer Laser Therapy. Laser therapy is useful for such ailments as back problems and hip displasia but is also used to speed healing to deep wounds, and and joint pain as well. We carry a variety of diets for pets. Hills Science Diet, Purina (limited), Royal Canin IVD (limited) are in stock and can be ordered if needed. Heartworm and flea prevention are kept in stock year round and also offered on our online store for our clients convience. History Established in 1971 Dearborn Animal Clinic was established in Mission, Ks in 1971. We are a full service veterinary clinic in the heart of Mission, Ks. We have two full time Veterinarians and we are here to help with Preventative Medicine, Surgery (laser), Dental needs, Radiology, even Laser Therapy. Super Gentle, Quality care for you pets. Meet the Business Owner:
James G. Dr. Guglielmino was born in Ithaca, New York where his father was completing his degree in veterinary medicine at Cornell. He was raised in Winsted, Connecticut, a town of 8000 people in northwestern Connecticut. Dr. Guglielmino earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Connecticut and worked for several years for the State Health Department in Hartford, Connecticut before coming to Kansas to attend Kansas State University. He earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1971 and immediately moved to metropolitan Kansas City. Shortly after that move, in December of 1971, he founded his practice in Mission, Kansas. Dearborn Animal Clinic, which was originally just south of Johnson Drive on Dearborn Street in Mission, was moved to Johnson Drive in 1991. Dr. Guglielmino’s special interests in veterinary medicine are preventive medicine and surgery.

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