Specialties We serve our Tex-Mex hot and fresh! Don’s unique and flavorful recipes have become local favorites. Our fun and friendly atmosphere is a great place to dine with family and friends. Our most popular dish, Don Chilito’s burritos are made with premium ground beef, tasty seasoned frijoles, or a zesty combination of both, wrapped up with fresh lettuce in a flour tortilla, then covered with your choice of sauces. We roll lettuce inside our burritos. If you would like us to HOLD IT, just say so. Enjoy complimentary chip and salsa along with our warm sopapilla pastries with honey for dessert. We serve lunch and dinner every day! Let Don Chilito’s cater your next event. Call head for speedy carry-out service. History Established in 1971 Don Chilito’s was formed with an appreciation for Mexican food. We want Kansas to experience how great Mexican food can be. We keep our portions and price points competitive to give the best value to our customers. Meet the Business Owner:
Barry C. My father opened Don Chilito’s over 40 years ago. We are very proud of the family business and love keeping Kansas City happy. Enjoy Don Chilito’s unique take on the flavors of Mexico.

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