Specialties Your friendly, completely custom tattoo studio. Let us help you create a one of a kind piece of art. We are here to make you feel comfortable and have the best experience and tattoo possible. Bring in any material you would like me to reference when designing your tattoo. This includes print outs, magazines, rough sketches, t-shirt designs, posters, etc. Anything that will help me to design your tattoo the way you’re envisioning it. Have an idea of where you want to place the tattoo and what size. How much coverage are your looking for? What you can afford to spend. Good Tattoos aren’t cheap and starting a project that you can’t afford is a bad idea. I will work with you to create an amazing tattoo you will love and still stay within your budget. History Established in 2011 Open by local Kansas Licensed Tattoo Artist. After Tattooing in Kansas since 2006 Artist Sean Gilbert opened Headless Hands Custom Tattoos est. 2011. We are a completely custom tattoo studio. Whatever piece of art you will be choosing, from the smallest tattoo to multiple setting works, We are here to create you a one of a kind tattoo that you will be proud to wear forever. Getting tattoos is a permanent decision; you should take the time to make sure the design is right for you. Meet the Business Owner:
Sean G. I have always found art in all forms something I enjoyed. I spent a few years in college when around 2002 I finally found something I loved…Tattoos. Put together my portfolio and completed a traditional apprenticeship in the state of Kansas. I started tattooing in 2006. When I first started tattooing I tended to draw and tattoo in a style that could be classified as new school. Bold bright colors, nice thick outlines, as you might see in older tattoos in my portfolio. Sometime between then and now I became more interested in doing more realistic looking tattoos. A surrealism style tattoo would be what I would prefer, but I enjoy each and ever tattoo I do. I have been putting more and more time into learning everything I can about tattooing and art in all mediums. Striving to create and out do myself with each tattoo. I never stop learning new techniques and am constantly striving to put out the cleanest and highest quality tattoos.

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