Specialties Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning provides affordable gutter cleaning services for the Kansas City Metro area. We offer free same-day estimates and generally can get the job done within two business days. History Established in 2001 Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning started out over ten year ago. We figured out that the economy has created a need for a service based business in many cities that would help get locals back involved with helping their own communities issues. We look at this as taking responsibility for the community at large. With rampant unemployment this was a way that we could help local communities have sustainable businesses that employed locals and kept the money in the area so that the community would continue to thrive. Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning teams up with locals and help them build up sustainable businesses that utilize ethical business practices. Our goals, as can be found in our mission statement is nothing more than putting Americans back to work and helping local communities. Our small company exist to help other small companies have the advantages that larger corporations have in regards to marketing and brand

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