Specialties Color and Design Consultant helping homeowners choose the best interior and exterior paint colors. Feeling overwhelmed looking at paint chips? A paint color consultation takes the guesswork out of choosing paint colors, and saves time, money, and energy. History Established in 2010 Color Sense Consulting was started in 2010. The owner, Diane Stewart, is a Color and Design consultant who has an intuitive color sense. She knows that color is the foundation of good interior design. She recognized that many homeowners feel overwhelmed looking at paint chips, and suffer from “paint analysis paralysis”. She created her niche business to offer color consultations to help homeowners choose the best paint colors in one session. Color consultations make it easy to choose the perfect palette, and save time, money, and energy. Meet the Business Owner:
Diane S. Diane Stewart, Color and Design Consultant, is the owner of Color Sense Consulting. Diane has an intuitive color sense, and a background in art and interior design.

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