Specialties Ken’s Drain Cleaning has the heavy duty equipment and techniques to handle any drainage problem you may be dealing with, and for a price that anybody can afford. Most common issues are solved for just $85 which includes up to 2 hours of expert service. Other companys charge hundreds of dollars per hour for drain services and spend large amounts of time trying to upsell you a complete replacement of your pipes, which in most cases is totally unnecessary.But Ken’s Drain Cleaning is a drain maintenance specialization company. That means no high pressure sales tactics to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on unneeded plumbing work. Simply put, I want to help maintain your plumbing system and save you money in the process. SERVICES: * Mechanical sewer & drain snaking * Sewer camera inspections & locations * High pressure sewer & drain hydro jetting History Established in 2008 Ken’s Drain Cleaning is a owner operated buiness based out of Olathe, Kansas. Started in 2008, my focus on drain cleaning stems from a decade in the plumbing repair field and becoming disatisfied with the quality of drain cleaning workmanship displayed by many full service plumbing companies. For 5 years (and counting) I have strived to offer a higher level of drain maintenance with an emphasis on proactivity and prevention to keep your pipes flowing right. Meet the Business Owner:
Ken W. As a drain specialist I diagnose drainage issues in unexposed drain, waste and ventilation plumbing systems in both residental and commercial settings. I Then solve these issues through the use of highly specialized equipment and techniques while leaving the vital components of the afflicted system intact. I Then can give the customer information and options to prevent or eliminate future complications. I have a passion for plumbing, but an even st ronger passion for helping people. I believe that maintenance is an essential part of plumbing, and I am commited to offering the best possible service to meet your needs at prices you can afford.

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