Specialties ABPathfinder helps children with Autism gain skills faster – skills they need to live more normal lives. ABPathfinder’s cloud-based software makes therapists more efficient and effective, removing burdensome paperwork and allowing them to concentrate more on the kids. With ABPathfinder, therapists can perform baselines, discrete trials, real-time data collection and graphing, all with the help of an integrated decision support system. As a result, therapists cut their administrative time by 50%, giving them time and data to help kids acquire necessary communication and life skills up to 25% faster. History Established in 2010 ABPathfinder, LLC was formed in 2010 by veteran entrepreneurs and software industry experts. With the consultation of specialists in the field of ABA and behavioral disorders, we have developed Therapy Support Software and technology tools to aid Autism, PDD, Asperger’s and speech therapy. ABPathfinder is based in Overland Park, Kansas, and serves the ASD community worldwide. Meet the Business Owner:
Jeff B. Jeff B. is the co-founder, CEO and President of ABPathfinder, where he is responsible for the strategic vision for the company. Jeff ‘s passion for helping children combined with his management skills drove him to be a founder of ABPathfinder, giving him an opportunity to positively affect the lives of children on the Autism spectrum.

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