Specialties We help students prepare for the ACT and SAT tests. History Established in 2006 The founders of Get Smarter Prep have spent countless hours with students from all over the spectrum. These teachers have a passion for learning, and they have found that test prep gives them an opportunity to deeply impact their students’ lives by giving them the best possible chance in the next stage of their life – college. If a student could get better scores, that would mean better schools, and consequently, more and better opportunities. Originally employed as master trainers and tutors by different “big box” test prep companies, whose mission was to teach as many students as possible, the founders experienced their own “Jerry Maguire moment” when they saw that a joint venture of their passion, ideas, and experience would involve fewer clients, and hence “less money”. But those clients would be happier because of the higher degree of personal attention they would receive. To this day that remains the hallmark of the company – more personal attention.

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