Specialties We offer good hair and spa services for very reasonable price .All services are done by students with instructor,s supervision. Your financial investment guarantees financial rewards, for the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy provides: Mastery of the nine basic forms of hair cutting methods. In addition, you will be privy to Mitsu’s “clock metric” cutting method, which is not taught anywhere else in the world! Internationally-based curriculum, derived from London’s original Vidal Sassoon’s “ABC cutting method.” Team participation in the development and production of fashion shows and photo shoots. Student development of individual portfolios with professional critiques and recommendations. Understanding make-up applications, and the anatomy of healthy hair, including knowledge of product technology, from traditional to organic ingredients. Small classes which allows greater individual attention, greater professional:student ratios, and relaxed small group discussions… History Established in 2007 I have trained many young hair stylists to become successful hair stylists. Now, I am offering to train anyone who desires to learn my method, at my beauty school . Meet the Business Owner:
Mitsu S. I worked for Vidal Sassoon salon in Los Angeles where I ‘ve learned styling and cutting hair method . The Vidal Sassoon organization is best known in the world for hair cutting. I have been working behind the chair doing hair and training new talents in my salon for close to 35 years. With all my experience and knowledge of hair styling, I am the most qualified person to teach the next generation of hair stylists At our academy we focus on training our students to be “salon ready when they graduate”. I truly enjoy helping people become capable hair stylist’s while at our school.

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