Specialties Primarily we specialize in carpet cleaning, and all sorts of floor care. We also handle all types of commercial cleaning, both large and small. History Established in 1996 Starting in 1996 we have offered Kansas city businesses to notch cleaning. Since then, we have diversified our specialties, and have become proficient in all types of building maintenance. In recent years we have branched out on the internet, receiving great feedback from or customers and fans. Our appearance on NBC’s Kansas City Live put us on the map. Shortly after that we where asked to join FindAnExpertOnline.com as the authority on cleaning of all kinds. Since then we have answered many questions people have had ranging from “what gets this spot out” to “how do I get rid of drain odor” Meet the Business Owner:
Kyle M. Raised in Olathe Kansas, I started working at a very early age in my family woodshop. We did every form of general construction and building maintenance, as well as fine carpentry and cabinetmaking. In early 96′, I got involved with local janitorial businesses doing large construction cleanup and floor care. A few of these became good friends of mine, and really helped me to get my business up and running. Since then, the business has grown to the point that we are able to offer assistance and advice to other small businesses. During the recovery work in Joplin last year, I was able to assist in a volunteer cleanup and reconstruction. This was one if the best experiences I ever had. Although the business has grown, I still remember my roots as a carpenter. Last year I began constructing guitars and violins, and this has turned into a nice business as well.

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