Specialties Security systems, security cameras and access control. Shield Security features innovative home security, senior monitoring and child monitoring solutions. Medical Pagers and GPS tracking systems. Shield also provides wireless security systems, Wireless security cameras, alarm monitoring, business security, smoke detectors, carbonmonoxide detectors. History Established in 1976 After the founder’s house was burglarized in 1976, He looked for an affordable local company to secure his home from burglars. No such company existed so he founded SHIELD{R} Security Systems. Police Officer Ken Jezioro was an accident investigator and certified crime prevention officer with over twenty-seven years of law enforcement and investigation under his belt. It’s this experience and our commitment to customer service that makes SHIELD{R}Security Systems Different. Shield Security Systems of Kansas City is committed to educating their clients so that they may make good choices in the design of their security systems. We differentiate ourselves by having expert consultants, no contracts, and no pressure. Meet the Business Owner:
Tony T. I have spent over 25 years making technology easy to understand and even easier to use. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Nebraska and received my Master’s degree the following year from Purdue University. I was a lead engineer in designing one of the most reliable communication processors ever built, and was later, a Chief Technology Officer, and Sales Vice President, but in each role, it has always been about listening carefully to clients, clearly explaining the alternatives and delivering compelling solutions. I have given presentations on the evolution of technology, across the country and around the world, in places like Brunei, Singapore, Korea, and Australia. Now as the president of a Shield Security Systems of Kansas City, it is my mission to deliver solutions that improve peoples’ quality of life. The key is to not focus on the technology, but rather on the many ways that it can help us. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

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