Specialties Dr. Vaughn Lawrence has an incredible passion for health, nutrition and general wellness. Having worked successfully in the corporate world for almost eight years, he began to realize there was a purpose for his life that involved serving others. As Vaughn began discovering the truth regarding the amazing complexity of the human body and how imbalances and sickness manifest, it began a life-long journey of research, discovery, knowledge and eventual wisdom in the area of correcting these issues using only natural therapies. Meet the Business Owner:
Vaughn L. Originally double majoring in Business Administration and French at the University of Kansas, Vaughn went back to school to receive his Doctorate of Naturopathy with a Concentration in Herbology through Clayton College of Natural Health, graduating with highest honors. He has since trained with some of the most brilliant Master Herbalists (James Sloane, Mountain Mist Botanicals; Angela Harris, Herb Garden Productions; Caarl Robinson, Cedar Bear) in the country, managed and provided consulting work for one of the busiest and most successful health food stores on the west coast (Stay Healthy! Las Vegas, NV) and is also a Dietary Supplement Specialist and member of the American Herbalist Guild. He spends countless hours researching imbalances in the human body and how they can be overcome naturally.

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