Specialties When things get stressful and hectic, it’s important to take a little time for yourself to rest and relax. Leave the day-to-day grind behind and enjoy a few relaxing hours being pampered at our salon & spa and come in for one of a kind corrective treatments including Relaxing and Corrective Facials. Eyelash extensions, Chemical Peels from Mild-Medium, Body treatments, Massage, Microdermabrasion, Hair removal and Body Wraps and Scrubs. We also feature Radio Frequency Therapies and Cavitation which is a specialty device and the only one of its kind in Kansas City! It uses micro, nano and pico electric currents to target ones lymphatic system which in turn rolls back the hands of time with a smoothing technique. History Established in 2009 Midwest Anti-Aging started under a doctor in January 2009, since then it has been taken over by owner Danielle Byrnes in late 2009 and has moved from Olathe to Prairie Village. We are happy to be settled in our small office and would like to see our future here in Prairie Village. We focus mainly on corrective natural alternatives to skin care and body treatments, eye lash extensions and also full service waxing. The device we use is the only one in the area and we take pride in every treatment we do and are sure to give you that home town feel every one wants in a service provider. We plan to stay small to achieve the same customer service but grow in updating our corrective devices annually to keep up with ever growing technology. Our staff is knowledgeable and honest to keep you informed of how you may achieve the best results possible. Please click or call to get a complimentary skin analysis, thank you for your support!! Meet the Business Owner:
Danielle B. When I hit my early twenties I also hit acne. I was currently in college and working full time upon graduation I knew there was something I was missing and some one I could be helping. I started Academy of Aesthetic Arts in 2008 with a vision of offering corrective skin care but at an affordable cost. Since then I have managed to do just that! I targeted my acne through vigorous chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments however through dermatologist they are pricey and painful. I have always been interested in more natural with less pain. My first job in the field was working with a doctor that offered laser therapies and that just wasn’t my idea of skin care, painful+expensive with no dramatic results! I knew it would be shaky starting on my own with the economy dropping in 2009 but I also knew I was driven to help people that didn’t want to/have to pay a pricey doctor to get comparable results. I am proud to call Prairie Village home to MWAA!

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