Specialties STANDEES offers everything you need for the ultimate everyday escape. Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, relax over drinks or immerse yourself in a movie — all in one comfortable and convenient location. The cafe-style concession stand that services the theatres includes traditional movie snacks as well as drinks from the bar and select appetizers and desserts from the restaurant. Guests bring their food and beverages to their seats, as there are no servers in the theatre. Come in for dinner, happy hour, dessert or to grab a sandwich for lunch without seeing a movie. Conversely, stop in for a movie without getting something to eat. Or eat lunch or dinner before a movie. Enjoy some dessert after the movie. Talk about that film you just saw over drinks at the bar. Every experience will be different and up to you. If you do come in to eat lunch or dinner before seeing a movie, know that you can easily purchase tickets directly from your server, at the bar or our box office. History Established in 2013 STANDEES — The Entertaining Eatery is an upscale-casual restaurant with an affordable, American classic-style menu that combines dining and entertainment. In the early days of moviegoing, people flocked to the theatre to see the latest movie. When the seats filled up but the line was still long at the box office, people bought tickets to stand along the back of the theatre behind a railing that became known as the “standees’ rail.” Fast forward to today’s theatre and you’ll often see cardboard cut-outs in the lobby that advertise movies. These are known in the industry as “standees.” And then, of course, there was “Stan D.” — who revolutionized the movie theatre industry. Stan loved the patrons of his theatres and believed that delivering the best possible entertainment experience at a great value would result in a very successful business. STANDEES pays homage to Stan’s vision and it’s fitting that our concept subtly bears his name.

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