Specialties Specializing in a good understanding of the instrument and music, including techniques needed to play effortlessly (which isn’t usually taught well by books or videos). Genres taught are: all forms and styles of Rock, Blues, Country, Funk, Classical, Jazz, Christian Contemporary, Bluegrass. I teach an easily understood method for playing rhythm, fingerpicking, hybrid picking, lead, improv, sweep arpeggios, lightning fast alternate picking, modal and chordal theory, slap and pop on bass, and Earl Scruggs 5-string banjo style and technique. History Established in 1989 I started playing guitar at age 7 . I’ve been playing for a little over 40 years. I’ve been playing bass for over 30 years, and banjo for going on 5 years. My experience in teaching and playing guitar and bass transferred easily to the banjo. I started teaching “professionally” at my home back in 1989. Soon after that I spoke to the owner of Big Dudes Music and started teaching there as well. Then in addition to that at Raymore Music, then The Music Stand in 1991. I taught there until finally moving to Funky Munky Music in October of 2008.

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