Specialties RadioShack – Let’s Play. RadioShack is making shopping for technology fun again! Whether you are looking for the new Samsung{R} smartphone with the right plan for you, need a special battery for your Remote Controlled toys, or want the hottest Beats by Dr. Dre{R} or Sol Republic{R} headphones, RadioShack is your technology playground. Where FYI meets DIY with products like Arduino{R}. Whether you are an electronics hobbyist or fashion yourself a DIY expert, it’s your hobby or it’s your job – let’s make it fun! We have the fuses, connectors, and LEDs to bring it all together. Shop our wide variety of wireless speakers with Bluetooth technology including top brands like Auvio{R}, Jawbone{R}, JBL{R}, and Beats By Dr. Dre{R}. Need a speaker wire or want soldering tools to build a perfect circuit board? There is something for every level of expertise. The place to find Windows{R} 8 tablets and Apple{R} iPads, as well as Nikon{R} digital cameras – RadioShack is here, so come in and Play. History Established in 1921 Pushing Play Since 1921. RadioShack Has Deep Roots. As part of the American retail landscape for more than 90 years, the iconic RadioShack brand is widely recognized by consumers around the globe. We credit our staying power to RadioShack’s customer-oriented approach, which combines a carefully selected product assortment with a convenient, small-store format and highly personalized service. Over the years, this approach has enabled RadioShack to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving consumer electronics market and to remain relevant to consumers in every era. What’s more, it has fueled RadioShack’s evolution from a humble start-up company into a multifaceted, multibillion-dollar electronics retailer with thousands of knowledgeable associates, and a vast retail network with more than 4,200 company-operated stores across the United States and Mexico and roughly 1,000 dealer and other outlets worldwide.

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